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Exhibitions and projects

Cecilie Haaland's exhibitions and projects are a combination of collaborative and solo projects, art gallery and customer orders, Phottery, stoneware clay and porcelain. Her work extends beyond the entire 2000s. Here you see a selection.



Neihku Mountain Villa

Order made for Neihku Mountain Villa – an old train station renovated into a hotel, ski resort and restaurant.

The specific work consists of cups in various sizes, decanters, oil lamps and plates.

Porcelain and stoneware clay.



Thinking About Death

NKNN og NKs exhibition Frie hender (Free hands) on Terminal B/

Pikene på broen in Kirkenes 2022

The work consists of 3 urns and 10 photo tiles

Porcelain and Phottery

Stories From the North

Order made for the Norwegian-built cruise ship Viking Octantis

6 wall collections of porcelain tiles. All photos taken with a pinehole camera made of porcelain (Phottery). The images have been transferred using various photographic techniques.




Walking in China - in Japan

Norske Kunsthåndtverkere's theme exhibition 2020

Haaland about the work: 

In the city of Arita in Japan, porcelain has been made over 400 years. Everything here revolves around this material; hundreds of factories, galleries and artists. In the rivers you find porcelain shards and in the forests piles of discarded tableware. 

Walking in these piles of history gives me a recurring feeling that I am someone who creates even more things - to a world that is already full.

Video, sound and porcelain


The Beauty of the Open Space

Porcelain polaroids/Japanese decals





Inner Beauty

Norske Kunsthåndtverkere's theme exhibition: I craft - I travel light



Haaland about the exhibition:

For this project, I wanted to work with the jar as an object. The jar has always been used to store or transport things that need protection and have been a place to collect things of special value.


In recent years, I stays throughout the Barents region and have worked a lot with elements and metals that are extracted here in the north. The northern areas are referred to as the "Region of Opportunities". There are enormous natural resources here, but also enormous challenges, e.g. other within the mining industry and waste issues. The values are hidden deep in the rock masses and it takes a whole industry to extract them. "Inner Beauty" highlights, quite concretely, some of these products and substances that are being talked about.

9 white, unglazed, small porcelain jars. 


11 hand-turned porcelain vases, photographs of these hung with porcelain clips

Porcelain and photography


Don't Forget to Water Your Flowers

Exhibited at Svolvær Kunstforening
in connection with KNIV's (Kunstnerne i Vågan) joint exhibition

Porcelain, nylon cord and bamboo.

Lamp project

Trevarefabrikken, Henningsvær 

Hand-turned, black-glazed lampshades in organic shapes for the then new coffee bar at Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær




Barents Juxtapose

Barents Spetakkel, Kirkenes

Haaland about the work:

Barents Juxtapose is an experimental collection of impressions - more a mood board than an artwork. These impressions are visualized in different ways by porcelain tiles - photography, pictorial expressions and surfaces with sediment samples. All the odd parts come together in a larger unit and together create small glimpses of the visible environment here in the Barents region.

The project is a separate dimension of Cecilie Haaland's artistic activities. The materials used require a geologist's understanding of sediments and mining in the areas on the border between Russia and Norway.

Porcelain, phottery and various glazing techniques

Atlanter II

"Atlantean II"

Purchased for the newly refurbished Hurtigruten ship MS Polarlys March. 2016

The specially ordered work consists of a collection of porcelain tiles in various sizes mounted on the wall.

Analogue pinhole photography/porcelain/rust




Pathics - Lightshelf


Utstilt på 100%Norway under London Designfestival


Lightshelf er en prototype fra serien The Pathics – et samarbeidsprosjekt med designerne Ralston & Bau fra Transplant.

Om prosjektet:

Målet med prosjektet er å utforske forholdet mellom det kunstneriske, det håndverksmessige og det utformede i en rekke husholdningsobjekter som demonstrerer empatiske kvaliteter ved å gjøre livet lettere gjennom enkelhet. Funksjonalitet med et formål og en følelse av velkomst.




Nord Norsk Kunstnersenter 

Vegg med Phottery


Med Solveig Ovanger og Ingrid Larssen 


Vandreutstilling med kunsthåndverkerne Solveig Ovanger og Ingrid Larssen 2013-2014:

Yelagin Palace, St.Petersburg

Gostiny Dvor, Arkhangelsk

City Hall, Reykjavik.

Porselen og phottery




Norske Kunsthåndverkeres årsutstilling på Kunstindustrimuseet


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